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Friday 29 June 2012

The Changing Of Number 2

                                              {No.2 Looks Fed Up With The Whole Thing}

    It was said that the ever changing No.2 in The Village was to stop No.6 building up a relationship with No.2, to stop him getting the measure of his opponent, and taking control of the situation. Well that's all fine and dandy, but No.6 did enjoy a certain rapport with No.2 of ‘The Chimes of Big Ben,’ ‘Once Upon A Time,’ and ‘Fall Out.’ And during 'Hammer Into Anvil' No,.6 was quick to get the measure of No.2, and take the initiative against him, being in control of the situation in fact.
   But in my book, even though it was a good idea to have different No.2's, there are two changes which in my book were completely unnecessary. The new No.2 of ‘Arrival,’ and No.2 of ‘The Schizoid Man.’ In the first instance No.2 should have carried on to the end of the episode, and in the second instance, the new No.2 of ‘Free For All’ could have carried on into ‘The Schizoid Man.’
   But I can perhaps see the logic in bringing in a new No.2 in 'Arrival,' and 'It's Your Funeral,' in mid conflict, to make No.6 have to start all over again. They are, they're clever, damned clever!

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