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Monday 18 June 2012

It's Inexplicable!

    The way the Committee members disappear almost instantly from the Council Chamber when the lights go out. How do they do that, and without making a sound. What's more, what's the Butler doing there at the time of the Committee meetings? Perhaps to make the tea!
    There are a number of issues which certain episodes take on; 'Free For All' questions the democratic process, 'The Schizoid Man' has identity at its core. 'The General' equals education, 'Checkmate' has chess at it's centre, and while the question of surveillance runs throughout the series, 'A Change of Mind' has tea! Number 6 cannot stand girls who cannot make a decent cup of tea, and demonstrates to the viewers how it should be done. And while viewing this domestic scene, it makes Number 2 want some tea, and so the Butler bows and goes off to make the tea. So why shouldn't he be there to make the tea for the Committee?

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