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Tuesday 10 March 2015

A favourite Scene In The Prisoner

    The gypsy camp scene in ‘Many Happy Returns.’ After the Prisoner having been washed up on the shingle beach at Beachy Head, and having scaled the cliffs where there had been recent cliff erosion, he meets with a man walking his Whippet. The raggedy looking Prisoner follows the man who returns to a gypsy campsite. Some Romany dialogue passes between the man and a young gypsy woman, who although we cannot understand a word she is saying, appears to be giving the man the sharp end of her tongue! She then walks towards the raggedy man, inviting him into the camp. Then gypsy man says something, and the woman again gives him the sharp end of her tongue! Then she shows the Prisoner the first genuine act of kindness since his abduction to The Village, by offering him a cup of tea, or broth, and smiles kindly on the man. It is the first hot drink the Prisoner has had for the past 25 days. He asks the woman where is this place? Well he should have at least recognised the lighthouse at Beachy Head! But we’ll let one go for now. Then he asks where is there a road? “Ah! Don deron doi doi” {or some such spelling - unsure} she tells him, and pointing, sends the Prisoner on his way once more.


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