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Friday 6 March 2015

Teabreak Teaser

    How many ways are there to attempt to escape The Village, and how many times might they have been tired?



  1. In "Arrival" and "Schizoid Man" No.6 tried via helicopter but in "Arrival" it was remote controlled and brought him back, in "Schizoid Man" he tried impersonating Curtis but was rumbled.

    No.6 tried to escape at night by boat twice - "Chimes of Big Ben" and "Checkmate". Both attempts failed!

    He had more luck in the daytime in "Many Happy Returns". But the Village allowed him to escape of course. All of these boat attempts used improvised boats - one made from a tree, one an inflatable lilo and a raft made from logs, barrels and rope.
    Another daytime boat-based attempt was in the speedboat in "Free For All", a real boat this time - but it was not to be. The remote controls again, controlling the boat like the "Arrival" helicopter.

    Also in "Arrival", No.6 impulsively steals a taxi but doesn't get further than the beach before Rover gets him.

    So that's 7 attempts by No.6 - 1 taxi, 2 helicopters and 4 boats.

    In "Fall Out", did he escape or was he released? Well, he was invited to "go" but shot his way out. Nos.2, 48 did escape though as presumably there was some reason for their being held in "Orbit". The Butler also escaped... or did he resign?!

    I think Seltzman is the only person who successfully escaped before "Fall Out", and right under the nose of No.2 as well.

    Be seeing you

    1. Hello ZM72,
      Good to hear from you as always, and thank you for your comment. I see there's that number 7 once more!
      That's perfectly correct about the ways Number 6 attempted to esape The Village. It has occured to me that the attempted escape by Mini-Moke on land on the day of the Prisoner's arrival, is mirrored on water when Number 6 attempts an escape by boat in 'Free For All.' In the way that Number 6 is thrown out of the Mini-Moke when it hit something in the sand, and when Number 6 abandoned the boat, both times ending with Number being subdued by the membranic Guardian!

      And I agree, Seltzman does appear to be the only person to have successfully escaped The Village before 'Fall Out,' and as you say right from under the nose of Number 2.

      I enjoyed your recent email, and will reply soon. You will have observed that I used your "Chimes" caption this morning. Couldn't resist it, as well as the link. Only your identity code name used.

      Enjoy the weekend
      Very best regards