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Sunday 8 March 2015

The Irony Of It!

    We are all too aware of the irony of that vicious fire fight which takes place during ‘Fall Out’ between the confederates of Number 6, the resurrected Number 2, Number 48, and the Butler, and those of the armed security guards, which takes place to the song by the Beatles “All You Need Is Love.”
   But that same irony was there in ‘the Prisoner’ long before the advent of ‘Fall Out,’ which takes place during the opening sequence to ‘Living In Harmony.’ The Sheriff having resigned his job, hands in both his badge and his gun. After which he is seen walking the prairie, because he has no horse, which either had gone lame, had been stolen, or more than likely had gone with the job of Sheriff. A few moments later this Man With No Name, this high plains drifter, is set upon by a group of renegades. A fistfight breaks out as the Man With No Name resists them, and on the screen appears the words “Living In Harmony!”

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