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Sunday 1 March 2015

Shouldn’t You Be Doing That In The Hospital?

    “It’s going to work. I knew it would,”
    The doctor-Number 40 was attempting to use Roland Walter Dutton as a communication medium. By having Dutton telephone Number 6 under the pretext of there being a suspected security leak. Apparently “They want a break down of everything they know, you, me, Arthur, the Colonel. All the files you have seen, the projects you know about. Just headings, not details.” Number 6 of course was wired up with electrodes, and no doubt drugged. But how did the doctor know it was going to work? It didn’t of course, he had underestimated Number 6’s strength of resistance, stubbornness not to talk. It’s likely that the doctor thought it was going to work because he had conducted this method before but in the hospital, and on Dutton. And when he was, as Number 6 was telephoned, unlike Number 6, Dutton didn’t resist the caller. And so he talked. And so the experiment having been successful, the good doctor thought to conduct the experiment a second time, on Number 6.
    But who was it who telephoned Dutton? It would have to be someone in The Village who knew Dutton, worked with Dutton, as he had once done with Number 6 before he went and resigned his job. Someone within British Intelligence, the Civil Service, as The Village didn’t seem short of those people, such as Chambers and Cobb.
   So it is quite on the cards that Dutton told his telephone caller everything he knew, but the doctor didn’t believe he had told him everything. He saw Dutton as being reluctant to give any further information. It wasn’t reluctance, it was because Dutton didn’t know anything else! So in his enthusiasm he pushed Dutton beyond the limit of his endurance. Or perhaps because of the doctor’s enthusiasm for human experimentation he didn’t know when to stop, and when he did, it was too late! Perhaps Number 2 was partly to blame, because she saw Dutton as giving the doctor the opportunity to experiment. After all, unlike Number 6 Dutton was expendable.

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