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Monday 30 March 2015

Caught On Camera!

   The set of the Council Chamber is nicely done, adapted from the set of Number 2’s office. The colour of the wall has been changed, orange for purple, with the addition of the stairs. It’s just a pity that the effect is ruined because of the failure to disguise that pair of doors a bit better. It makes it look like a bodged up job!

Be seeing you


  1. Surely it is deliberate to have all the administration chambers looking identical?

    1. Hello,
      That's quite right, and the double doors are in fact made use of by members of the Committee in 'A Change of Mind' as they leave the chamber. I simply thought that for this scene they could have disguised, or covered up the doors better.

      Very best regards

  2. As far as I can think of it there has to be a concept in dressing those (futuristic) rooms used by No. 2 or the higher ranking Village staff all alike. But David's right, the realisation was actually a bit poor. - BCNU!