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Thursday 12 March 2015

Quote For The Day

    “Soon Roland Walter Dutton will cease to exist!”
                                              {R. W. Dutton - Dance of the Dead}

    Did Dutton foresee his own death when he made that statement to Number 6? There was eventually a termination order set against him. More likely Dutton could see that the doctor would go to any lengths in extracting information from a subject. But Dutton had told him all he knew, the only trouble was the doctor didn’t believe Dutton. And another point would be, that in his enthusiasm for human experimentation, the doctor never knew when to stop! It may be supposed that whoever issued that termination order against Number 42 {Dutton} and presumably it was Number 1, that he underestimated the doctor having gone too far with Dutton. Yes the doctor had left Dutton one of those brainwashed imbeciles we are told about by Number 6. But not physically dead, but perhaps he would be better off that way. Dutton’s is a living death, in a nightmare world!

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  1. Hello David, haven't posted anything for some time. But you know I'm still around. In Dutton's case I'm still not 100% convinced that he ended up as a babbling idiot. It could be all staged for No. 6's eyes. But you're also right, the doctor was keen on doing experiments. Mind you, in the days of absolutism a real court jester - the way Dutton is dressed - was allowed to speak out openly what most people didn't dare say. Hence, a lobotimised jester would seem to be cynical twist here. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      As a matter of fact I've not posted anything myself for a week now. That was through a bout of illness as you know. But now its good to be back.
      Yes you might well be right about Dutton, we both might well be right. Its all down to personal interpretation. But we can see the doctors zeal for human experimentation, as I'm sure he would have taken Number 6 beyond the limit of endurance in extracting the information he desired. As Number 2 said "He'd have died first!"
      Of course you are absolutely right about the real court jesters during the days of absolutism. They were the only ones able to criticise the King. Or you could say the court jester was better fitted to say the things that needed to be said! But it looks like the jester has been silenced. A cynical twist indeed!

      Best regards