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Sunday 22 March 2015

Thought For The Day

    After the Appreciation Day ceremony, and due to the intervention of Number 6, the retiring Number 2 takes his leave of The Village once more.
    As for the interim Number 2, promoted as the new Number 2, he failed to bring ‘Plan Division Q’ to a satisfactory conclusion. So it may be taken that Number 6 would not be seeing him, as this Number 2 already needs to be replaced. But what to do, as a new Number 2 must be assigned. The Village cannot be left without a Chief Administrator, surely it’s not possible to bring a new Number 2 to The Village in so short a time. Or is it? The only apparent resolution seems to be for Control to contact the helicopter pilot by radio and order him to bring his passenger back to The Village. In short, to bring Number 2 out of retirement and reinstate him to his former position!
   The newly appointed Number 2, is angry, angry that his predecessor has got away from The Village. And left alone on the balcony of the Gloriette, he puts his spectacles on and glances up towards the sky. He’s about to take his spectacles off again, but stops, as he’s shocked and surprised to see the helicopter turn back towards the Village. Perhaps realising that with the returning helicopter, that he has already been replaced!

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