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Tuesday 3 March 2015


   “A friend of mine in a recent email said “Well, yes, but the gymnasium in the woods caused him real trouble, didn't it? After all the committee wasn't pleased with loners. But there are still his tools he made himself to craft his work of art, his Escape. They weren't allowed either, but he was left alone with it, he was allowed to built his own trap.”
   One thing that should be remembered about Number 6’s home made gymnastic apparatus in the woods. He had constructed it long before that episode of ‘A Change of Mind,’ as he is seen to be using it in ‘It’s Your Funeral,’ so the apparatus had been built even before that episode, and no-one bothered him then.
    As for the Committee, they were a simply a tool of Number 2’s, who wanted to see all the citizens living in harmony. And there’s irony in that, seeing as there is an episode of that title, and a change of mind applying to ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling.’
   I like my correspondents idea of Number 6 being allowed his home made tools {themselves outside the pale of the law} to which Number 2 turned a blind surveillance eye. Perhaps knowing full well that Number 6 was building his own trap! Yes I like that idea very much.

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