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Friday 20 March 2015

What Are Facts Behind Town Hall?

    Well for one thing, it’s a strange place to have The Village mortuary! Would it not have been more logical to have had the mortuary in the hospital? Ah but then that would not have been at all convenient, as that would have meant Number 6 would not have been able to discover the failure of his plan in one of the drawers in the mortuary. The fact that the dead man, whose body Number 6 used as a distress signal in order to get a message to someone, anyone in the outside world, now resides in a drawer in the mortuary. Had the mortuary been located at the hospital instead of the Town Hall, Number 6 would not have been able to make the discovery he did. The same applies if the Ball and Cabaret had been held in the Recreation Hall. The facts behind Town Hall are, that at times it is there for convenience, and I’m not writing of the gentlemen and ladies lavatories!
    There are times when we get to see some of the inner workings of the Town Hall, especially during the election period. We do not exactly see the democratic process at work, yet we are privy to the disillusionment of the outgoing Council in the Council Chamber. The same chamber does also act for the Committee Chamber which Number 6 is brought before after demonstrating acts of disharmonious-ness. Also the Control Room chamber is beneath the Town Hall, the Observer Number 240 is herself observed going into the Town Hall in time for the start of her shift. Also in the Town Hall was the General’s office, and the Educational Board Room. The television station is also run from within the Town Hall. And we get to see Number 2’s quarters, at least the extremely elaborately decorated and furnished lounge, if not the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Which no doubt is redecorated and refurnished for each successive Number 2.
   The entrance to the Town Hall is protected by the use of an electronic for field, something Number 6 discovered that time he tried to follow Number 240. How the Observer was allowed to pass through the electric force-field, and not Number 6 is unknown. It might be that Number 240 was wearing some kind of recognition device which by-passes the force field. An electronic force-field is employed at a security checkpoint within the Town Hall itself, and security pass discs are required. There is a secret passageway. A room which resembles a small library, except instead of rows of bookshelves, it has rows of filing cabinets, no doubt filled with files containing information on the citizens and general Town Hall business. Such are some of the facts behind Town Hall.

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