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Friday 27 March 2015

Thought for The Day

    There is no police station in The Village. Well one wouldn’t be needed would it? Not with all those Observers watching everyone, not to mention the Guardians who report any unusual activity at the drop of a hat! There is an ambulance service, made up of Mini-Mokes which pull Red Cross trailers. Red Cross, in The Village? They’re having a laugh! Ah, now what about a fire station, there must surely be a fire station. What happens if a fire breaks out? Who puts it out if there is no fire station? Isn’t the fire station attached to the Town Hall? A pair of turquoise doors with the words Fire Station in red letters. I wonder what kind of fire engine they have? If the ambulances are anything to go by, it’s probably a converted Mini-Moke, which carries an extending ladder, towing behind it a water bowser with attached water pump and hoses. And the fire crew are all volunteers, who are trained to deal with any emergency. Such as when the General short circuited and had to be put out! And the flames of the rocket as it blasted out of its silo, the flames set light to some of the trees, and the fire crew had to put them out during that particular emergency, when everyone else was being evacuated!
    The Village also has a lifeboat, called M.S. Polotska, which is always on stand-by in case a citizen of The Village gets into difficulties at sea, aboard a raft for example. Or one could find oneself having been carried out to sea by the tide and current while on a rubber lilo. Or perhaps a swimmer might find herself in difficulties, in which case a lifebuoy would be deployed. After all both Number 8 and Number 6 found themselves in distress at sea at one time or another, and in need of help.
   In The Village there can be all kinds of emergencies, and when there are, it’s always best to walk. When it isn’t an emergency, take a tractor!

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