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Thursday 5 March 2015

That Could Have Gone Better!

    Number 6 can never resist a damsel in distress, even when he’s taking part in the first ever Virtual Reality game! But emotions were running high, and people did what they would do under normal conditions. The Kid had a fixation about Cathy, so it follows Number 8 had a fixation about Number 22. The Kid couldn’t bear to lose Cathy, so the maniac strangled her to death with his own bare hands. The Man With No Name couldn’t allow Cathy’s murder go un-avenged, so he faced the Kid out in the street. The Kid ended up lying dead in the dirt! And likewise it had to follow that Number 8 in his deranged state of mind, strangled Number 22 to death! But it didn’t follow that Number 6 killed Number 8, he punched him to the ground, but Number 8 committed suicide just so the Judge would hit him no more!
    The Man With No Name/Number 6 planned to escape the town of
Harmony with Cathy, just as he planned to escape The Village with Nadia, another damsel in distress. But unlike Cathy, Nadia betrayed Number 6 right from the beginning. Yet Cathy didn’t really exist, so its difficult to draw a parallel between the Two. No, the betrayal came from Number 22 who was playing the role of Cathy. Just as Nadia was playing her role as Number 8, and agent provocateur! In any case both attempts to extract the reason behind the Prisoner's resignation failed, except the failure of Chimes was nothing compared to the disaster of Harmony. Alright, the one failure was not the complete fault of Number 2, even though it should have been avoided. But the failure of the second, it is left to anyone’s imagination what they did to Number 2 for that!

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