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Monday 2 March 2015

A Question of Time…So That Was It!

    Ah ha! So it was a question of time, there appears to be a shortage of time in The Village! As in that time when Number 6 asked Number 2 in Chimes if he was running out of time, when the question arose about how many lumps of sugar Number 6 takes in his tea! Number 2 was also running out of time, having taken time to research and compute the Prisoner’s whole life, that left him with only three days in order to find out what Number 6 had to sell and to whom he was going to sell it. But whatever it was in the Prisoner’s former life that made Number 2 imagine Number 6 was selling out, will forever remain a mystery!
   Number 2 in ‘Dance of the Dead’ suggests that there is plenty of time. Number 6 must not be broken, he must be won over, and that may seem a long process, and will take time. Because Number 6 is seen to have a future with them.
    Number 2 suggested in ‘A Change of Mind’ that it was a question of time, that the Prisoner needed time to think because he couldn’t stand his job. And in ‘Once Upon A Time’ Number 2 was given only a week to extract the reason behind the Prisoner's resignation, of which Number 2 said “That’s not long enough. You don’t want to damage him!” Perhaps it was Number 1 who had been running out of time, after all there was only 17 episodes for him, 1, to get the right result!

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