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Friday 20 March 2015

Thought For The Day

    After having returned to London during ‘Fall Out,’ instead of going into his home, he got behind the wheel of his Lotus 7 and drove off. Where was he going? Where did he go? He drove over Westminster Bridge, he must have done in order to turn left at the crossroads. He passes the Houses of Parliament along Abingdon Street on his way presumably to that underground car park. And yet the former Number 6 had been driving in the wrong direction, seeing as he lived in Westminster. After he left his house, he must have crossed the river Thames at some point, for him to come back driving over Westminster Bridge as he does during the opening sequence. And then the next minute there’s a clash of thunder, and we see the Prisoner behind the wheel of his Lotus just as we see him in the opening sequence. So where has the Prisoner been? One minute he’s driving in London, presumably to that underground car park. The next he’s back out driving on along a disused runway before he arrives in London during that opening sequence. The Prisoner has to have been somewhere else between his having driven away from his home, and appearing driving left at the crossroads and passed the Houses of Parliament when the word PRISONER appears on the screen. ’The Prisoner’ is all very well, but sometimes, even the simplest of filmed action sequences just do not add up at all. Take for instance, Number 6’s return to London. After waved farewell to his old friend Number 2, who enters the Houses of Parliament through the Peers entrance, Number 6 then takes the Butler by the hand, and they end up running to catch a bus going over Westminster Bridge. This is taking them in completely the wrong direction to where they eventually end up, at number 1 Buckingham Place, in the city of Westminster. So where are they going? Does it matter? Was running for that bus done simply for effect? Perhaps like Number 48, who is thumbing a lift on both sides of the dual carriageway, it’s the journey that matters, and not the destination!

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