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Thursday 5 March 2015

Bureau of Visual Records

    It couldn’t be anything else really could it? The opposite apartment to ‘6 Private’ being ‘12 private,’ it was the only logical and numerical choice. It’s certainly more bijou, more compact, than ‘6 Private,’ with both the kitchen and bedroom just off the lounge.
   The décor is conservative, with a few antiques, like the desk, the face guard next to the fireplace, the chest of drawers with the Victorian dressing table mirror, not to mention the shaving mirror stand. The kitchenette is strictly modern for the time. There is also a military feel about the apartment, a painting of a battle scene hangs over the fireplace, as in ‘6 Private.’ There is an oil painting of a General hanging on a wall, along with two military prints of soldiers. This is certainly a masculine apartment, with a modest library of antiquarian book, perhaps even “incunabula.” The fires place is blocked up, so no coal fire, but gas is laid on. All in all, functional, and comfortable.

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