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Tuesday 10 March 2015

Names Are Not Used Here!

    Names may not be used in The Village, yet there are times when they are, and when they are, it’s usually when there is a relationship involved. As between Number 6’s relationship between Cobb, and of course the new Number 2 also used Cobb’s name. Then there was Nadia, Alison, Dutton. Dutton’s name did appear on the termination order against him. Officially of course it should have been his number 42. But it may be expected that the viewer might not have been able to read the number on Dutton’s badge on the television screen. So if the number 42 had appeared on the termination order, the viewer might have wondered who Number 42 was! And finally there is Monique, as well as the father and daughter relationship between Monique and the Watchmaker-Number 51. Although Monique doesn’t use her father’s name, she does call him father, and that makes the viewer aware of their relationship.
   We know how Monique became involved with Number 6. She went to Number 6 looking for help in preventing an assassination, albeit being used as a tool by the interim Number 2. Going to seek help from Number 6 is something she had in common with Alison, who also went to Number 6 looking for his help, with her mind reading. Whether it was of Alison’s own free will, or at the instigation of Number 2 is unknown. Then again Number 6 and Alison shared a genuine mental link, so it’s not improbable, and certainly not impossible, that Number 2 saw this, and a cunning plan was formed to make use of Alison’s relationship, and especially her mental link with Number 6, against him.
   Another woman with whom Number 6 becomes involved is Cathy during ‘Living In Harmony.’ Although can this relationship be dismissed purely on the grounds that it doesn’t physically take place, but only in the subconscious minds of Number 6 and Number 22? After all even in her mind it may have appeared real, and as Number 22 said at the end that she wished it had been real! Two other women in Number 6’s life were the maid-Number 54, and Number 8, but their names are never used by Number 6. Then again theirs was not that kind of relationship for the requirement of names.

  Post script: there is one other name used in The Village, that of Rover!

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