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Sunday 29 March 2015

Storm In A Teacup!

    The other day I was contacted by email by a fan of ‘the Prisoner’ who had been watching the series on blu-ray for the first time. The comment was made when the Prisoner slams his fist down hard on the bureaucrat's desk upsetting the cup in its saucer. They said that there are two saucers, the bottom saucer one is cracked apart by the force of the fist slammed down on the desk. This led to the question, why are there two saucers? I explained that there are not two saucers, only one, the other is a tea plate which would have held biscuits to go with the cup of tea. And pointed this correspondent to a recent article I wrote on this subject on my blog.
   It would appear that even watching ‘the Prisoner’ via the clarity of Blu-ray, does not help the viewer to a better understanding of ‘the Prisoner’ series.

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  1. Why didn't the plate crack? Being nearer the desk, it should have cracked first?

    1. Hello,
      But it was actually the tea plate that broke!

      Very kind regards