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Sunday 29 March 2015

Cue Thunder!

   The sound of thunder at the very outset of the majority of ‘the Prisoner’ episodes indicates that there’s a storm brewing with dark clouds over a long deserted runway. The thunder being a possible representation of the probable anger of the man sitting behind the wheel of the green, yellow nosed Lotus 7 looming large out of the distance. And when the double doors of an office are pulled open, by the man soon to become the Prisoner, the thunder is repeated and continues as he storms into the office ranting at the Bureaucrat sat behind the desk as he vents his anger. Finally to slam his letter of resignation down upon the desk with force, punctuated by the bringing down his clenched fist hard upon the desk………. like a hammer.
    The car being driven along a deserted runway is suggestive, after all why a runway when a long deserted road might have been better used? Probably because the opening thunder is blended in with the sound of a jet aircraft, and with the use of the runway it is suggestive that the man has recently arrived by jet aircraft from foreign climbs. And having collected his car from the airport, was then on his way to hand in his resignation.

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  1. Hmmm... "having collected his car from the airport..." would that have entitled him to drive down the runway right away? I'd guess not. Only if it was a disused runway opened for special operation forces or so. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      I trust you are well, and preparing yourself for the days labours.

      Well one thing is for sure, that runway wasn't at London airport! However you did hit the nail on the head, you usually do, that ordinarily he would not have been entitled to drive his car along any runway that is in use. Having written that, I recall a scene in the 'Danger Man' episode 'Don't Nail Him Yet.' Drake and Rawson were going to be flown by plane from an airfield near London, to Glasgow, and from there to Russia. The car the two communist agents were using, was actually parked on the side of the runway as Drake and Rawson were put aboard the plane. What's more the car was left on the runway as the aircraft was preparing to take off. That's fiction for you!

      Enjoy the day
      Very best regards