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Thursday 26 March 2015

Quote For The Day

    “You’re following me!”
    “When do you plan to escape?”
    “How do you know I’m going to?”
    “Well everyone plans to escape when their spirits broken. You tell me you’re plan, and if it’s a good one, I’ll help you with it.
    “I’ve often helped other people with their plans, only none of them ever succeeded.”
    “That’s a coincidence.”
    “At least I can tell you what not to try.”
    “How do I know I can trust you?”
    “That’s the risk you’ll have to take.”
   “Not me!”
                      {Number 6 and Number 8 - Checkmate}

    The thing with Number 8 is, she may have offered her help to Number 6, but we don’t know if this was of her own free will, or something which was done through inducement. But either way, she didn’t actually help him with his escape plan. Instead she was used as a tool against Number 6, hypnotised into believing that she was in love with Number 6, and he with her. So much so that she followed Number 6 like a lap dog! And all the time she was linked into The Village security alarm system, via a reaction transmitter.
    There is no way of knowing whether or not Number 8’s offer to help Number 6 was a genuine one or not. Not that Number 6 trusted her. Right from the start he was cautious, doubtful, untrusting. She told Number 6 that she had often helped others with their escape plans, but that none of them ever succeeded. Had she, or is that just a story? In ’Checkmate’ Number 8 is used as a tool against Number 6. Has Number 8 been used in other ways against those who she claimed to have helped with their escape plans? Again there is no way of knowing. But one thing is for sure, Number 8 lost he importance to Number 2 and especially the doctor-Number 22 when she lost her locket, after that they had no further use for her. The last time we see Number 8 is when Number 6 takes the locket from her, on the pretext of getting a better picture for it.
    Another thing is certain, Number 8 did not stop Number 6’s escape plan, that was down to The Rook when he put to Number 6 his own test. It was Number 6’s arrogance which brought about his failure to escape. And yet Number 2 was always confident that Number 6 would not escape. So much so that he permitted Number 6’s association with the Rook-Number 53, because no matter what Number 6 learns from the Rook he’ll learn that there’s no point in rebelling. More than that Number 2’s confidence came from the fact that he had M. S. Polotska in his back pocket. So even if Number 6 reached the motor cruiser, there was still no chance of his escape. Had the Rook gone aboard the vessel with Number 6, being an electronics expert, he might have been able to disengage the lock on the helm. But he didn’t, so that scenario can be dispensed with without thinking of it further. And yet in the original script, Number 8 was to have gone aboard M. S. Polotska with Number 6. So perhaps {without the benefit of having the original script} Number 8 might have been far more involved with the escape plan than she is in the actual episode.

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