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Monday 9 March 2015

Village Life!

    “Who put you up to this?”
    “Who put you up to it?”
    “Then get out!”
    “Nobody put me up to it!”
    “Where’s the maid?”
    “The maid?”
    “Or are you the maid this evening?”
    “Don’t be silly, do I look like your maid?”
    “Number 2 sent you didn’t he?”
    “Then what are you doing here making my nightcap?”
    “It was an act of kindness that’s all. If I knew you were going to like this I wouldn’t have bothered!”
    “What have you put in this?”
    “Nothing! Just cocoa, sugar, water, a little salt, and milk that’s all. Now drink it up before it gets cold.”
    “You even sound like one of my previous maids. You’ll be saying it’s good for me next!”
    “It will help you sleep.”
    “I’ve no doubt of that. You’re not having any?”
    “Not likely, it’s doped…………oh botheration! I’ll get me coat!”    

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