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Thursday 12 March 2015


    X is the unknown factor, the missing factor X is another way of putting it, a little like the missing link. We know a Mister X, he’s a man of mystery who goes about in disguise. Apparently a standard disguise, one adopted by the Colonel, who was murdered at the wicket one run short of his century.
    Anyone who wishes to remain anonymous, takes the disguise of anonymity which is the best form of disguise for important people. But Mister X isn’t that important, a secret agent who doesn’t want to be recognised by the enemy. But he is! And in all probability recognised by his disguise!!
    The Prisoner is an unknown factor. We may call him Mister X seeing as we are not supposed to know his name. He could also go by the title of The Man With No Name, as he did in ‘Living In Harmony,’ as he was a man with no name. Mind you the Kid didn’t have a name either, but he was known as the “Kid!”
    So where is this leading? Who knows, who can say? Perhaps nowhere, except that where ‘the Prisoner’ is concerned X is very often the unknown factor. If we knew what X was, then ‘the Prisoner’ would become a whole lot more positive, and we could be sure we knew a whole lot more about it, and then there would be a great deal less theorising, and interpretation. But as it is, those are the two main tools any of us have in getting to grips with ‘the Prisoner.’

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