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Thursday 5 March 2015

Quote For The Day

    “Supposing I don’t want any flowers?”
    “Everyone has flowers its Carnival. Be seeing you.”
                                  {Number 6 and a gardener - Dance of the Dead}

    Number 6 said that everyone outside is having a good time. Well judging by the expression on the citizens faces, they didn’t look as though they were having a good time! And what’s Number 6 got against flowers in a window box? All the ground floor windows of his London home had flowers in window boxes, but who cared for those? It may not be supposed that the Prisoner was horticulturally minded. Perhaps he had a man come in to tend the window boxes every couple of days or so. Just like he would have had a “daily” come in and clean for him. The Prisoner, with two servants, who would have thought it!
    Its all a façade though, isn’t it? Tart The Village up with a few extra window boxes, have the citizens dress up in fancy dress costumes, and everyone is supposed to be happy. Its forced, it isn’t real, its all by order. No-one is cheering, the blank expressions on the citizens faces say that much. No-one is waving their flags enthusiastically, they are simply going through the motions. The maid, she appears to be the only person with any real enthusiasm for Carnival, perhaps because she gets to wear a new dress. And later, something really special for the Ball, so why shouldn’t she be enthusiastic? After all a woman is always keen to wear a new dress!
    ‘Dance of the Dead’ is said to be a female orientated episode in a male dominated series. Perhaps that is why Number 6 is the cabaret! Number 2 is a woman, as is one of the Supervisors, as well as the Observer-Number 240. Although there is also a male Supervisor, and the doctor is male. There is no damsel in distress, or a female agent provocateur, so perhaps that’s why Number 240 is so involved. Also this episode is unique, as it is the only episode we see to have two Supervisors, unless you count ‘Hammer Into Anvil,’ when Number 60 is promoted to Supervisor when the Supervisor-Number 26 is removed from his position. But it may be supposed that every episode has two Supervisors in the Control Room, one for the day time, and one for night time. And Number 6 has the benefit of having two personal maids, oh yes, and even The Village cat is female, and almost as ruthless as her mistress!

Be seeing you

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