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Thursday 26 March 2015


    It was an act of sabotage which fused the lights in 6 Private when Number 6 switched them on, although it wasn’t Number 6 himself who carried out the act. That was Number 12 of Administration, he put wires across the contacts of a light bulb. So that when that particular light was switch on it would fuse the cottage’s whole electrics. That was deliberate destruction of official property, for which there is either a fine, or imprisonment. Number 6 took the fine. Well it was all pretence anyway, all that really mattered was to get Number 6 into Number 12’s office in Administration. It may be wondered where that is, it may also be supposed that it is somewhere within the depths of the Town Hall. What for? So that Number 6 could be given a top hat, black overcoat, black shoes, black two-piece suit. Tie, white shirt, and dark glasses, oh and a black leather document case, not forgetting the two security pass discs. It is reasonable also to suppose that Number 6 was given these items by Number 12 when Number 6 went to see him in his office. What then follows is this, if that supposition is correct, how did Number 6 manage to smuggle all those items out of the Town Hall without being seen?
    There is also another act of sabotage which takes place in The Village, apart from the sabotaging of the General. This one is far less subtle, and carried out by an act of good old fashioned brute force, which is understood to be very effective. When Number 6 rips out both the paper and wiring of the teleprinter in Number 2’s room in the Town Hall. I wonder what the fine was for that, because such an act of wanton destruction must clearly be against the rules! And yet perhaps Number 2 let him off, because in this instance good old fashioned brute force was not enough! The teleprinter must have had a back-up system, seeing as how the machine soon whirred back into life, to resume printing the text message. 

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