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Monday 9 March 2015

Bureau of Visual Records

   ‘24 Private,’ the home of Number 24-Alison. On a side table lies a book called ‘The Mind Reader,’ although there is no author's name on the dust jacket. The apartment is comfortably furnished, and has a recliner by the end wall similar to the one in ‘6 Private. The fireplace is blocked off as in both 6 and 12 private. There is a blue Victorian jardiniere complete with stand and plants. The lounge is the only room we see, and Alison emerges from a door on the left as we see it, which presumably leads from the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. The lounge itself is uncluttered with personal possessions such as magazines etc, and only by a few ornaments, and table lamps. The only book in the lounge is ‘The Mind Reader, perhaps Alison’s only reading material!

Be seeing you


  1. Hi David
    This is a lovely room – Alison has very good taste re home furnishings! I especially love the turquoise pottery plant stand and the matching cushions – lovely colour scheme. The large mirror on the right wall increases the feeling of space and light. Bit of a tatty rug by the door though! I am intrigued by a couple of items – the curious sculpture on the table to the left, and also the thin pillar – for pole dancing practice perhaps, ha, ha!
    Keep the interior views coming – there’s so much to see when you look a them close up. Very good set designers!

    1. Hello Nadia,
      Yes you're right about the effect caused by the mirror. In years gone by the Georgians used to put candles in front of a mirror so that it would reflect the light back into the room.
      Mmmm I cannot say anything about the sculpture. But the pole is in fact a pillar, not round, it might be hexagonal in shape, but certainly it is there to support some lattice work between it and the wall. You can see the shadow of the lattice work on the wall.
      I shall keep the interiors coming for as long as I can, there are not that many. I know we have talked about your apartment in The Village, but not looked that closley, so your 8 Private is up next. But after that I'm not sure, I think it will be the General's office, where the Professor works. then moving outside The Village, there's Sir Charles Portland's study, and of course the room in which Janet's birthday party was held.
      And yes I agree with you, when you look closely there really is so much to see.

      Enjoy the day
      Very kind regards