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Tuesday 3 March 2015

Thought For The Day

    “Evacuate…evacuate…evacuate!” such was the order given to the citizens of The Village at the command of Number 2-the Judge. But did the citizens know what to do, or where to go in such an emergency? Where were the assembly points for the helicopters? The command came through the public address system for them to evacuate, but not where to go, or where to assemble for evacuation by helicopter. It could be that the citizens had been drilled for such an emergency, that fire drills had been carried out from time to time. Well it stands to reason that The Village would have had a fire station, standing by in case of an outbreak of fire. Perhaps a Mini-Moke could have been converted into a small fire engine!
   Then again, we do not actually see the citizens being well drilled for such emergencies as for fire, or an evacuation. People calmly lining up ready to board the helicopters? They seem to be more in a panic. Running this way and that, eventually a large group running away from The Village along the beach! But at least The Village administration had the sense to have all those helicopters available for just such an emergency! 

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