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Thursday 12 March 2015

It’s Not Right, Its All Wrong And You Know It!

    What’s all wrong? The fact that the Supervisor-Number 28 didn’t know it wasn’t Number 6’s birthday when he read out that birthday greeting to Number 6 from 113. Perhaps like Number 6, the Supervisor was a Jammer, he could have been jamming! Except all the Supervisor did was to read out the message Number 6 sent to himself. No, the Supervisor was loyal, and not a Jammer. If he was guilty of anything it was simply not having read Number 6’s file, so not knowing when Number 6’s birthday was. And why should he? What was wrong, was the way Number 6 had Number 26 removed from his position as Supervisor. Mind you, Number 26 had been reinstated by the time of that affair of ‘It’s Your Funeral.’ Or on the other hand, if according to the production, or library film order of ‘the Prisoner, it would have been ‘A Change of Mind’ instead of ‘It’s Your Funeral.’
    It is only a trivial point, but then there is nothing more important than trivia. Have you observed how they gave numbers to microphones? In scenes in both ‘The General,’ and ‘Hammer Into Anvil’ when the TV anchor man begins the programme prior to the Professor’s lecture, and when the Supervisor is reading out the birthday greeting to Number 6, in both cases there is a round numbered badge attached to the microphone!!!

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  1. " It is only a trivial point, but then there is nothing more important that trivia."

    No, trivia means unimportant.

    1. "But then there is nothing more important than trivia."

      I seem to recall Sherlock Holmes using these words!