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Wednesday 4 March 2015

Harmony Back-lot Film Footage

    My attention was drawn to this video {provided by the link below} last evening via The Unmutual website. It is a piece of remarkable, and at the same time wonderful film footage of sports presenters David Vine and Eddie Waring in a trailer for 'It's a Knockout' on Harmony back-lot set. Via the links below.

   Or by clicking on The Unmutal link.  then either click on the "Wonderful footage of sports presenters doing 'It's a Knockout' trailer on Harmony backlot set HERE.. "  or alternatively simply click on the "Here" link here. with thanks to The Unmutual.

   Then scroll down until you see It's A Knockout - Wanted Ideas for Games Promo 1968 and click arrow button.

 Sit back and enjoy.
Be seeing you

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