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Tuesday 28 July 2015

60 Second Interview with The Group Captain

    No.113 "I cannot make my mind up about you."
    Group Captain "What the devil do you mean by that?"
    "Are you an exterior agent working for The Village, or are you simply what you appear to be?"
    "I'm an Royal Air Force Group Captain."
    "Not working for the Village then?"
    "What are you talking about, what village?"
    "You were supposed to have piloted that Gloster Meteor jet, in a search for The Village."
    "Oh, that!"
    "Yes, that, Group Captain."
    "All I know is, I was in the "kitting out" shed, when this milkman comes strolling in. I told him he was in the wrong place....... I woke up later with a bloody big bump on my head!"
    "So you say."
    "Yes, I do say!"
    "You didn't wonder about the missing aircraft?"
    "It was reported lost at sea."
    "You didn't conduct a search for the missing plane?"
    "........ No."
    "On whose authority didn't you go looking for it?"
    "The Colonel’s."
    "An accident at sea, and no-one wondered what happened? No search was conducted to find wreckage, the two bodies?"
    "Thorpe said it would be a waste of time and resources."
    "Did he?"
    "Did you ever wonder what happened?"
    "Well I can tell you that he ended up back here in The Village!"
     No.113b "Smile." {click goes the camera}

Reporter No.113
Photographer No.113b

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