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Monday 20 July 2015

Village Life!

    No.2: “Look old chap, we’ve been through many scrapes before, but we’ve never fallen out over them. The General’s not going to behead you.”
    No.6: “We won’t know that until I’ve reported to the General, will we?”
    No2 “To him, personally? That's a new one.”
    No6: “Well, you know how important he was!”
    No2: “Well, yes, but ..”
    No6: “We'll see. (smiling) Are you scared?”
    No2: “No, but.. well.. In this case I'll join you. Let's go. (To the driver) Take us to the Professor! (to Number 6) I thought you'd have preferred to get your helicopter. But if you insist...”
    No6: ....

Be seeing you and with special thanks to Jana.

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