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Saturday 25 July 2015


      Both Fotheringay and the Colonel are potential “sleepers,” recruited, or turned by the Village administration, but who only work for The Village when given an assignment. Sometimes, as in their case, they are seconded back to The Village, as also in the case of Curtis. Apparently Number 2 had to pull every string in order to get him seconded back to them. Cobb is another potential sleeper, his new masters perhaps being those who are behind The Village.
   As for those agents who undergo the mind transference in ‘Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling,’ whose mind is sent out into the outside World in another person’s body in order to gather information, and who is then brought back to The Village in order to have that information extracted. Then the unpleasant memories wiped from his mind, and so sent out again to gather even more information, we understand that. What is not so understandable is, what happens to the other person’s mind. Is he kept sedated, which could be for weeks, possibly months while the other one is operating in the outside World? Or is the other person allowed to engage with The Village, but as a prisoner? And of course the Colonel is just one subject, it is highly likely that  others were working under the same circumstance!
   Also why the need to wipe the subject’s mind of any unpleasant memories of The Village? Unless the subject is allowed out into The Village during his de-briefing, the process of the gathered information being extracted. The subject lying on the operating table in the Amnesia Room, had been extremely co-operative, he told them all they needed to know in three days….with hardly any persuasion. So they cannot take the information from a subjects head via any other means other than verbally! Three days, I should have thought the subject would have been confined, that there was no need to allow him egress into The Village. Unless the meaning of wiping all unpleasant memories of The Village, means the interrogation sessions the subject was put through.

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