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Saturday 18 July 2015

An Act of Cruelty!

    It was a cruel psychology on the part of Number 2, perhaps one of the most cruel acts of all, that comes at the end of ‘The Schizoid Man.’ Number 6 is masquerading as Curtis in a spontaneous and daring escape plan. Number 2 asks Number 6 not to forget to give his regards to Susan, to which Number 6 replies “I won’t, goodbye.” But he’s forgotten the security regulations which must be obeyed. Now in the helicopter Number 6 ties the blindfold Number 2 gave him. The helicopter takes off, Number 6 must think that this is it, he’s finally about to escape The Village. Unbeknown to Number 6, the helicopter circles The Village before landing again.
   The cabin door of the helicopter is opened, and Number 6 is helped out of the helicopter. The blindfold is removed, and Number 6 is faced with a smug looking Number 2!
    “Susan died a year ago Number Six!”

    He knew all the time, and yet allowed Number 6 to think he’d got away with it. In that, he let Number 6 to be taken for a ride! That was cruel of Number 2, and because of that he maybe considered to be one of the cruellest of them all!

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