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Friday 3 July 2015

Thought For The Day

    Poor old Potter, if only he’d kept his eye on the Colonel instead of the Girl! The Colonel would still be alive, and perhaps having completed his century at the wicket, and Potter, Potter wouldn’t have been put out in the cold as it were. Working as a shoeshine boy….ridiculous! Almost as ridiculous as a man with a pair of muddy boots on a dry day on a high street!! And then there’s Mr. X, is he working out in the cold as well? Certainly he’s a field agent, but it might have been more prudent for him to have gone to the office to get his instructions from the Chief first hand, wouldn’t it, rather than by record in booth seven of the Magnum Record shop. A touch of the Mission: Impossible about that!
    It may be wondered why the Colonel had turned field agent. Mind you he wouldn’t be the first, there was the Colonel who was seconded to The Village, who under went a mind transference which eventually cost him his life! And the one before him, again brought to The Village during ‘The Chimes of Big Ben’ in order to interrogate Number 6. We didn’t see him again, or Fotheringay for that matter. Perhaps they didn’t return soon enough to avoid those embarrassing questions Number 2 suggested might be asked. Because when Number 6 goes running back to his ex-colleagues a second time, but for real on this occasion, the previous Colonel has been replaced, and so has Fotheringay, by Thorpe! Whatever one might think of Fotheringay he’s a likable chap, who was probably only following orders. After all Number 6 was an ex-colleague, not longer working for the department, so that probably made him fair game in Fotheringay’s eyes. So is Fotheringay a traitor? The order by Number 2 to return to
London before any embarrassing questions are asked would suggest yes. As for the Colonel, did he ultimately pay the price for the failure of the plan? Because Number 2 never appeared to be that much involved with the plan, that seemed to be down to Nadia Rakovsky. All Number 2 seemed to do was oversee that nothing went wrong with Number 6’s plan of escape. And who could have possibly guessed that Number 6’s wrist watch would become waterlogged, and thereby demanding Post 5’s wrist watch. Which if it had been set at Polish time, well there would have been no problem, and the plan may well have succeeded. As for the Colonel, who is to say he actually returned to London? He looked a worried and anxious man as Number 6 left his office. The Colonel may well have been retained in the Village…….as a prisoner. Well someone would have to pay for this latest failure. It wasn’t Number 2 because he was later brought back to The Village for ‘Degree Absolute.’ It’s unlikely to have been Nadia Rakovsky, as she played her part to perfection. It might have been Post 5 who carried the can, after all if it was not for the fact Number 6 had his wristwatch……no. If anyone’s ripe for taking the blame for the failure, it’s the Colonel. No-one deserves it more!

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