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Friday 10 July 2015

Village Life

    Number 6 declared Unmutal! That wouldn’t have taken a great deal of doing. It seems that a good many people are declared as being disharmonious or unmutual for the slightest reason. All Number 42 did was to miss Number 10’s greeting because she was composing poetry at the time. And what about Number 61, the woman who crossed Number 6’s path soon after he had left the Town Hall having been brought before the Committee. “Beautiful day Sixty-one” he said in a cheery greeting. What did Number 61 do? She completely, and quite deliberately ignored his greeting! Perhaps she had already read the current issue of The Tally Ho, and didn’t want to be contaminated by the loathsome presence of an unmutual! If Number 2 and his committee had had their way The Village would have ended up with so many brainwashed imbeciles. Not that there was any great shortage of those as it was. But Number 6 was safe, he was far too important for anything to happen to him, remember he was supposed to have a future with The Village. If anything had happened to him……. And yet for Number 6 there will be far worse ordeals for him to undergo by the time they’ve finished with him!

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