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Thursday 9 July 2015

More Village

    Six attends 93’s funeral, but there’s no body in the coffin, because the old man died out there in the desert. That‘s where Six buried 93’s body, so Two couldn’t have found the old man. Yet there has to be a funeral, to stop the dreamers from thinking 93 got out. But if only Six realised, that 93’s body isn’t buried in the desert either! Physically 93 wasn’t in The Village at all.
    93 is a representation of Number 6 from the original series. His apartment is similar to that of ‘6 Private,’ and he wears the same style of piped blazer. And the woman in black pictured on Two’s arm? That’s not Two’s wife M2, yet she appears to be the chief mourner, she might be a representation of an older Janet Portland! And yet search 93’s apartment as Six did in ‘Arrival’ and its clear that 93 lived alone. And is it really likely that eventually ZM73 married Janet Portland and yet still remained a prisoner in The Village? But there is a danger of mixing the two series here. 93 is merely a representation of the former Number 6, and nothing more should really be read into that. So the old woman on Two’s arm is unlikely to be Janet Portland. She is perhaps just someone who Two had at the funeral as the chief mourner, to make 93’s funeral appear that much more respectable, nothing more than that. After all there was no sign of a woman having lived in 93’s apartment!

Breathe In...Breathe out...Village life goes on!
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