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Thursday 30 July 2015

An Individualistic Tendency!

    Number 6 was once accused of showing individualistic tendencies,  but he’s far from alone in this matter. Both the Butler and the Observer Number 240 wear their cloaks inside out, which could be defined as them doing this. And then there is Number 86 pictured here. To begin with she’s wearing a brown polo necked jersey, orange slacks, black gym shoes, and a colourful striped cape, worn the correct way. Later she is seen wearing a blue dress and high heeled shoes, and no cape, this also could be defined as showing individualistic tendencies. Although perhaps because Number 86 is a hospital surgeon she is not expected to wear the regular hospital uniform, of grey polo jersey, white skirt, and sensible flat shoes as worn by other hospital staff members, except when she is on duty. And it may be supposed that seeing as Number 86 is working for Number 2, that she would wear civilian attire. Yet that does not explain the change of dress. But perhaps in wearing that blue dress, she feels happier as herself!

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  1. I can't remember the scene too well where she's wearing that dress. No. 86 may have been away from the Village (any official assignment) and was called back on short notice. So, she didn't find the time to redress properly. - BCNU!

    1. Hello Arno,
      Well you could be right. If she was, she was also called away from The Village at very short notice as well, and was away from The Village a very short time!

      Very kind regards