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Monday 27 July 2015


   If by his name Rover {the Village Guardian} then we shall know it!
In answer to a teabreak teaser there came a couple of answers to the possible meaning R.O.V.E.R
    Writer Tim Palgut has it in his 2003 book as ‘The Prisoner – The Village Files as “Reactive Orange-alert Vigilant EnforceR.”

    Jana has it “Regulative Omnipotent Vigilante (against) Evasive Resisters”

    Patrick Powers writes “Rescue Our Village Escapee Rightfully.”

    Well I thought I might as well put my two pennyworth in.
    MK1 Rover “Remote Orbital Vehicle {for} Escapee Retrieval.” 
    MK2 “Roving Organic Vigilant Escape Repulser.”

  And finally an idea from Morag “Robotic Organism Valiantly Encapturing Runaways.”

    This has proved to be an interesting exercise.
Be seeing you

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