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Thursday 9 July 2015

The Postman Always Knocks Twice!

    Recent blog has dealt with the “X Factor.” The ex-Admiral who had been stripped of his military rank, and the ex-Count {whose ancestors played chess with their retainers whose heads where chopped off as they were wiped off the board} who had obviously for whatever reason been stripped of his title. And the General who although had found himself in The Village, had managed to retain his military rank. Now here’s a postman, with a special delivery for Number 6. Observe if you will his cap badge. It is of the British Royal Mail, and probably denotes his former employment. It’s quite on the cards that this man had been brought to The Village for his expert knowledge of the postal Post Office service. Other than that he’s just a postman. And for whatever reason has managed to retain his cap, if not the rest of his Royal Mail uniform! And why the Penny Farthing bicycle? Because in bygone times, Postmen sometimes rode Penny Farthing bicycles. Although I would dare hazard a guess that this postman pushed that bicycle during his postal round, rather than rode it!

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