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Monday 13 July 2015

More Village!

    In New York Curtis’ driver had arrived to collect Michael in order to take him to a meeting with Curtis of Summakor. Michael refers to the driver as 147 who was a taxi driver in The Village. The driver looks at his watch and says “I make it ten till, which gives us twenty-four minutes to get across to Mister Curtis.”
    Back in The Village Six tells 147 that they keep them in The Village to control their minds up there. He’s there now, at that moment, driving a car, driving him, Michael in New York. But people in New York who are subconsciously taken to The Village, still go about their lives, but who have no knowledge of The Village. However it would seem that the Village is impinging on Michael’s mind in New York. When people in The Village have memories of another place, they are called dreamers. It’s not supposed to work the other way around!

Village is best for us!
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  1. Hello David,
    I think it might forebode the future 2 plans for Michael.. doesn't it? Because it's the same with 2, he too is aware of both places in both directions.
    Very kind regards,

    1. Hello Jana,
      Yes that about the size of it. Two had faith in The Village, he was passionate about it. But in the end even he wanted escape. And no doubt for Michael it will be the same way for him.eventually!

      Very kind regards