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Friday 10 July 2015

Bureau of Visual Records

    It can give you a nasty turn coming face to face with yourself like this. Number 2 here was lucky, he only had to do it the once, Number 6 had to face himself twice and survived both times! In Number 2’s case it broke his spirit. He once told Number 6 not to underestimate him, but it was he who underestimated Number 6. I bet he couldn’t have imagined that he would turn out to be see, no sorry, ‘C,’ a slight mix up for a moment.
   It’s strange that ‘C’ should have one thing in common with Number 1, anonymity. Anonymity it seems is the best form of disguise, and is often the way with really important people, according to ‘C.’ I wonder if they ever brought him to The Village? Well of course they did, although they didn’t know it at the time, and neither did Number 2, his anonymity now blown! As for Engadine, it may be wondered if she was ever brought to The Village as Number 14 once suggested, seeing as she was part of the ‘A B C’ network, and yet only as a go-between. Useful though, as her celebrated parties would have been the perfect place for agents of either side to meet. For the exchanging of information, blackmail and international intrigue.
    A’ was a traitor he defected, and in doing so sold out his country, in all probability for money and not for any idealism. And who now turns his hand to kidnapping! ‘B’ it’s difficult to know about her, but seems to have been close to ZM73 at one time or another. As for ‘C,’ well he ended up in The Village. That must have come as a shock to him. It may not be wondered that Number 1 was on the phone so quickly after that piece of juicy information was revealed!
    Well alright Number 2 might not really have been ‘C’ at all as it turned out. But then who is ‘C?’ Not
Engadine, she was merely the go-between, no-one really of any importance. In any case as Number 6, in manipulating his own dream, in turning the man of mystery round he presented him to the camera as ‘C’. Or did he say “See”? Anyway, if neither Engadine nor Number 2 is ‘C,’ who is? And in not revealing the true identity of ‘C’ it could mean that Number 6 is protecting someone!

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