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Thursday 16 July 2015

Caught On Camera!

    The Village is being evacuated, but do the ordinary citizens or citizenesses know why? Shouldn’t think so. They are just obeying the word of command, that word of command having originated from the President, not Number 2. Although he could be Number 2, if he had been brought back to The Village especially to oversee the three trials, and the final manipulation of the Prisoner known as Number 6. But that is all by the by. Just where do those citizens think they are running to? We know why they are running away, where they are running from…….The Village, and because there probably isn’t enough room in the helicopters!
    So a number of good citizens of the former community called The Village are running away, but to where? Is there anywhere to run away to? And if there is what will they do when they get there? And if there isn’t, they may well be forced to return to The Village. Perhaps it’s the only place they can ever go, perhaps to re-colonise it, to make a better Village!

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