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Sunday 5 July 2015

A Question of Why?

   The apparently insoluble question “WHY?” which Number 6 put to the General is actually an apt one. As there is an aspect to the episode which in itself appears to be insoluble, because there was a point when the Professor wasn’t lying in his bed, his head replaced with a replica fashioned in either wax or resin by Madam Professor. And yet with the doctor still in close attendance, as he prepares a hypodermic syringe. Soon after that, Number 6 picks a stout walking stick from a cane rack. He then calmly walks into the bedroom and bring the walking stick down on what appears to be the Professor’s head! Why did Number 6 do that? Why did Madam Professor scream? Did she think it really was her husband lying in that bed? It is then revealed that it wasn’t the Professor lying in that bed at all! How did Number 6 know it was not the Professor lying in that bed? Why does Madam appear confused when Number 6 makes the witticism that her husband’s gone to pieces? Perhaps she had no idea what the model of her husband’s head was being used for. So why is the doctor, and a nurse still in close attendance when he must have known that it wasn’t the Professor lying in the bed, who was he trying to fool? Not Number 2 obviously, and not Madam Professor seeing as it was her masterpiece which Number 6 made a mess of. But perhaps she did not know. If that was the case then that would mean her having been kept away from her husband, he in the isolation of his bedroom.
   Then later in the episode the Professor is back in his bed, with the doctor checking the health of his patient, and Madam Professor wanting to know how her husband is. He’s fine, and giving a beautiful response. What’s more he’ll be able to complete the lecture, able and willing! So between the one state of affairs when the Professor isn’t in his bed, and the other state of affairs when he is, where had the Professor been? No doubt he had been taken to the hospital, either that or to a little room along the corridor, in order to undergo some therapy. Perhaps in the same way as the doctor and nurse had previously interrupted his work, and the nurse leading The Professor out of the General’s office for a little rest and to undergo some mild therapy.
    So who are they trying to fool, not Number 6. After all it still wouldn’t have been the Professor lying in that bed, even if Number 6 had not involved himself and smashed the Professor’s head with the walking stick. That leaves the doctor, the nurse, Number 2 and Madam Professor. The doctor must have known what was going on, so too the nurse. Number 2 obviously, that only leaves Madam Professor. Yes she had created the model of her husband’s head, although as previously written, she did seem confused when Number 6 handed her a piece of her husband’s head, “You should take greater care of him ma’am, your husband’s gone to pieces!” That only leaves the television audience!

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