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Sunday 19 July 2015

Not Caught On Camera!

   The Prisoner was given hope for escape the day he woke up to find The Village deserted. But as he was casting off, and about to set sail on his voyage of discovery, that hope was suddenly dashed away from him when he heard crockery being smashed. What an act of cruelty that was! And yet moments later, as Number 6 looks up at the balustrade he sees the black cat sat upon the table, it was the cat! So suddenly with restored hope instilled within him, Number 6 sets sail, leaving The Village behind him in his wake!
  But really, are we to believe for one single moment that it was the cat who smashed that cup and saucer? The only way it could have done that would have been to knock it to the ground. So logic tells us that there must have been someone else there, unseen by Number 6. And this isn’t the first time a cup and saucer has been upset when the Prisoner’s been about, and it wouldn’t to be the last!

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