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Saturday 25 July 2015

I'm Afraid Of Nothing!

   Number 6 once said that he’s afraid of nothing. But the Labour Exchange manager said of Number 6 that he is afraid of death, that he’s afraid of himself, and that he is aware of that.
   But what of Number 2, what’s he afraid of? If he wasn’t afraid he, or she, wouldn’t hide behind a pair of solid steel doors, which are presumably blast proof, judging by the fact that they are made of solid steel, and the thickness of that steel! However the doors do not appear to be Number 6 proof! Having discovered The Village to be deserted, he pays a call to the Green Dome, and just has to push the front door open, which failed to open automatically for him. He is forced to prise apart the pair of solid steel doors with his bare hands! You can observe how easily No.6 pulls the steel doors open. Presumably he is able to do this because the power to the door is off, but not so the overhead lighting. Otherwise the chamber would be in darkness, but perhaps the lighting works on another circuit. Unlike Number 6’s coffee percolator and the lighting to his cottage!

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  1. Hello David,
    who knows, maybe Number 2 is afraid of the dark? Who knows..
    Best regards,