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Thursday 30 July 2015

Vote For No.6!

    “Vote for No.6.” They were very sure of their candidate, in having those placards pre-produced the way they did. Oh not just the large one, but the seemingly blank placards held up by members of the electorate. The placards which face blank to the camera, but once Number 6 had completed his opening election speech, the placards with his face upon them are then turned to face the camera! But what if Number 6 had turned down the offer made to him by Number 2? What if he saw the election for what it was, a farce? After all he must have realised by the result of the Truth Test that they knew what he would intend to do if he was to win the election. But perhaps by that time he was so drugged up, his mind conditioned, that he just had to go on with it!
   It may be supposed that there was no other option for Number 6, when Number 2 flattered him by saying “The good people don’t seem to appreciate the value of free elections,” and that Number 6 is just the sort of candidate they need! And we must remember that Number 2 is a past master of the manipulation of such a community as The Village, so while flattering Number 6 he baited his hook and reeled him in. Knowing that Number 6 can never pass up any given opportunity afforded to him. Well what had he to lose? Obviously nothing as he could see, only the possibility of gaining knowledge of who the prisoners and who the warders. Escape, and ultimately his freedom!

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