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Saturday 18 July 2015

Village Life!

    “Here, what’s going on down there?”
    “Down where?”
    “Turn the searchlight on, and point it down there.”
    {Below two men are struggling with a heavy object}
    “Can we put this down for a few minutes and have a rest?”
    “Oh alright, but only for a couple of minutes.”
    “You know what Forty-two?”
    “No, what, Sixty-three?”
    “I still say we shouldn’t have filled tank with water before we started carrying the blasted thing!”
    “Well it’ll be about empty by the time we get it there anyway!”
    “Oi! You two, what’s your game?”
    “Who said that Sixty-three?”
    “Dunno” Forty-two.
    “Up here.”
    {The two men look up}
    “What are you then, the lighthouse keeper?”
    “Never mind what I am. What’s your game then?”
    “Kosho, if it’s anything to do with you!”
    “What have you got there?”
    “A tank of water.”
    “Here Two-three-five, there’s two blokes down there with a tank of water!”
    “Yeah! Ask ‘em what their doing with it.”
    “What are you doing with that tank of water?”
    “We’re taking it to the Recreation Hall.”
    “Wouldn’t it have been better if you hadn’t filled it with water?”
    No.42 “That’s what I said!”
    {There is a sudden commotion up in the
Bell Tower as the two men are attacked}
    “Oi! Who are you?”
    {Pow! Biff! Zapp! Ouch! Whamm! Clash! Krunch! Kapow!}

    “Bloody hell! Where did he come from Sixty-three?”
    “Must have fallen out of his lighthouse Forty-two!”
    “Lucky for him we had this tank of water then!”

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