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Saturday 4 July 2015

Who’s That On The Telephono?

    Number 2 “Mmm yes.”
    Supervisor-Number 56 “Control here on yellow.”
    “On yellow, that’s a coincidence, so am I.”
    “I thought you ought to know sir, Number Six getting friendly with the Rook.”
    “Switch me into vision.”
    {Number 2 watches and hears what Number 6 and the Rook are saying, they are discussing the chess match}
    “It seems alright.”
    “Do you want a watch kept.”
    “Yess, no just a minute” Number 2 presses a button on the control panel“Doctor.”
    “Yes Number Two.”
    “How confident do you feel about the success of the rehabilitation treatment.”
    “On the Rook……I’m on turquoise by the way.”
    “I’m sorry?”
    “The colour of my telephone, I’m on turquoise.”
    “Well I’m using IDIS.”
    “What’s IDIS? I’ve never heard of it.”
    “It’s the new Inter-departmental intercom service, IDIS for short.”
    “But I’m on the telephone.”
    “Yes, but I switched you into IDIS.”
    Supervisor “Am I switched into, what’s it called, IDIS?”
    “Can you hear me?”
   “Well that’s the whole idea of the Inter-department intercom system.”
    Supervisor “I’ve just had a brilliant idea.”
    “What’s that?”
    “I’ve got a video screen here in the Control Room, and you have the same in your office.”
    “Well if the doctor had a video screen in her office, well not only could we talk to and listen to each other…….”
    “As we are doing at this moment.”
    Doctor-Number 23 “Look I haven’t got all day, even if you two have!”
    Supervisor “….We would also see each other as well. We could call it video conferencing!”
    “Yes, well where were we?”
    “About the Rook.”
    “Yes doctor you were saying.”
    “I think you’ll find he’s properly integrated.”
    “You heard that?”
    Supervisor “Yes.”
    “Well I don’t think we need waste time there, nor on your idea of video conferencing!”
    “Well I like that!”
    “Well I don’t!” Video conferencing, whatever next?!”

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