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Friday 3 July 2015

Quote For The Day

    “Will you never learn. We have many ways and means, but we do not wish to damage you permanently. Are you ready to talk?”
                                                     {The new Number 2 - Free For All}

    Since his arrival in The Village they have attempted to extract the reason behind Number 6’s resignation by persuasion, trickery, and by the manipulation of his dreams. Then they built him up by suggesting that he’s just the kind of candidate they need to stand against Number 2 in the forthcoming local election. We know what happened during that election, and at the end when the new Number 2 brought Number 6 back to Earth with a bump. Seven slaps across the face was all that was required to bring Number 6 out of his drugged state of mind. He knew then that the game was up. Number 2 was reminded from time to time that the tissue mustn’t be damaged. But that didn’t stop it from being bruised a bit, such was the physical beating Number 6 took at the fists of the two motor mechanics.
   The new Number 2 of ’Arrival’ said that due to Number 6’s importance no extreme measures were to be used….yet. The measures taken during ’the Chimes of Big Ben,’ ’A B and C,’ and then of ’Free For All,’ were they an example of those extreme measures? Or were they the norm, to be carried out against any such prisoner who failed to give them what they wanted before they took it?
    Number 6 may never learn, he may not stop trying, well he’s an individual and they are always trying, according to one Number 2. Nor will he ever be ready to talk, he’d die first. So Number 6 will keep pushing his captors as far as he can in order to see just how far the next Number 2 is prepared to go, or is allowed to go, in order to get what they want. After all Number 6 has lost his freedom, his identity, his life being the only thing left to him! 

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