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Friday 24 July 2015

Citizeness 42

   We know next to nothing about Number 42, except that she is in a state of permanent depression, always in tears. It would appear that Village life does not suit her. So was that the reason why she was brought before the Committee? We can assume that, otherwise she would not be in the Town Hall with all the other disharmonious Unmutuals!
   From her time with the Social Group we learn that Number 42 is a poet, and was busy composing when she neglected to return Number 10’s greeting. It would appear that Number 42 loses herself in her poetry, it might be her way of combating the life she so hates in The Village. She might even write of aspects of that life in the poetry.
   So how is it that so soon after the meeting with the Social Group, this once depressive young woman, finds herself a member of the ladies sub-appeal Committee? As Number 6 puts it, she certainly gets around! What’s more she doesn’t appear at all depressed, and has even managed to find her voice, speaking out against the loathsome presence of an Unmutual!
   It was so sudden, almost miraculous the way Number 42 recovered from her depressive state of mind, to become a member of the ladies sub-appeal Committee! Number 56 said of Number 42 “Do not sneer at Forty-two, to volunteer for social work of this nature requires considerable moral courage.” And what was it Number 42 suddenly and harshly said “Bitterness with not help you Number Six. You’ve brought your misfortunes on yourself!” That sudden outburst was an eye opener for Number 6, and with hindsight, 42’s sudden statement takes on a new meaning! It is often the way with women who having faced recovery of one kind or another, such as in the case of Number 42, that they turn to doing good works. 

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