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Thursday 23 July 2015

Progress Report On No.6

   Just what progress was made with Number 6? They knew that he was still loyal, despite having resigned his job from British Intelligence. They were told that it was a matter of principle, of conscience even. But he refused to say more. In fact he refused to say anything, resisting all kinds of coercion and trickery. It is known that he wasn‘t selling out, that’s not why he resigned. Even when Roland Walter Dutton telephoned Number 6 that time say that there was a suspected security leak apparently. He told Number 6 that the Committee  wanted a breakdown on everything they know, him, Dutton, Arthur, the Colonel, everybody. All the files he’d seen, the projects he knows about, just headings, not detail. But even though Dutton tells him the phone is scrambled, Number 6 still refused to talk. In fact the man would have died first because he’s not like the others. He has a strong sense of loyalty, he might have still felt bound by the official secrets act, that might be why he wouldn‘t even give Dutton any information. But one thing is certain, Number 6 is no traitor, perhaps in his refusal to give Dutton the required information, he thought Dutton was the leak!
    It wasn’t time either! Number 6 didn’t need time to think! He was going somewhere quiet, somewhere different, where he could think after he’d resigned. Presumably to think about his future. Was Number 6’s resignation a spur of the moment thing? It seems hardly likely. It may be supposed that he mulled it over in his head for weeks. It might have been something welling up inside him for weeks, months. It may be imagined that he anguished over the decision. However that is pure speculation.
    In fact when it comes to Number 6, there appears to have been very little progress made over the seventeen episodes! But then Number 6 isn’t like the others, he couldn’t be forced, he had to be won over. And if not this time, then The Village will be re-set, and the ordeal can begin all over again. It is just hoped that Number 2 will be up to the task!

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